Stefan SagmeisterAT

One of the most remarkable design icons with a style that will get under your skin and won’t get out of your mind. Sagmeister works with happiness and knows how to look at things differently. The acclaimed graphic designer has done work for the Rolling Stones, The Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Adobe, Levis, BMW and The Guggenheim Museum. Stefan Sagmeister is a designer provocateur who is not afraid to extend the boundaries of design.


Irene Pereyra & Anton RepponenUSA

Irene Pereyra and Anton Repponen belong among the best world designers. Both of them work at the one of the most famous global agencies in UX, visual and responsive design – Fantasy Interactive, which became famous also thanks to their sophisticated and elaborate case studies.



This is how Catalan passion mixed with a sense for the unexpected looks like. Their projects burst with shapes and sounds and bring experiments to inspiring unity. Every project is important for Vasava, and every process is their playground.



Creative director and founding member of Method's London design team Philip O’Dwyer will introduce their internationally experienced design organization. Method is a well-known global studio recognized for its digital design projects. They brought the idea that brand is no longer defined by what it says, but what it does.



The Swedish Rock’n’Roll agency that can’t be overlooked. Either for their festival on inspiration, a book which made it to the Amazon Top 5 bestsellers or numerous outstanding campaigns. Wherever they go in the world, they always make herds of fans and enemies. Bratislava certainly won’t be an exception.


Erwin BauerAT

Leading Austrian designer focusing on visual and spatial communication design, recognized for his publications, self-initiated projects and longtime research. His publications, interviews, lectures, written contributions and critiques of important issues are all part of his active and lively participation in the design discourse. After numerous talks and workshops in Vienna, Stuttgart or Zurich, Erwin comes to Bratislava to share his award-winning experience.


Aleš NajbrtCZ

Aleš Najbrt is the king of posters. He belongs among the most important Czech graphic designers. Studio Najbrt created the design of the famous international film festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Railways or redesign of the logo of Czech Television. His works stand out thanks to his sophisticated minimalism. He says that the way to simplicity is very long.


Jacek UtkoPL

The man who gave Poland and Estonia one of the most beautiful newspapers in Europe. A progressive designer and a TED speaker Utko comes to talk about his award-winning redesign which saved Polish newspaper from a collapse and to remind us that to be good is not enough.



Nanushka (Sandra Sandor) is the best-known Hungarian fashion designer. Her Budapest store’s unique design received praise from over 250 design blogs around the world and it has become a must-see tourist destination. Nanushka creates the collections with harmonic combination of playfulness, elegance and comfort – always inspired by tales and mystical stories.


Štefan KleinSK

Štefan is a leading designer and engineer. He founded the transportation design department at AFAD in Bratislava. His students worked for the world-known car companies such as Audi, Ford and BMW. Štefan has incredible ability to mix design and innovation with commercial acumen and he created world-known project of the Aeromobil.

Filip Blažek - By Design Conference host

Host of the conference

Filip BlažekCZ

Filip Blažek is a founder of the TYPO magazine, he regularly contributes to professional periodicals in the field of graphic design and lectures on type design and typography. He is the founding member of the Czech Union of Graphic Design. He specializes in corporate identity, book and editorial design and he is the owner of the studio Designiq in Prague.

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